My Summer!

During summer I will be going to the pool, going to camp, and hanging with friends. I will be doing many things. Most of the weekends I probably be going to my lake house at Lake Anna. Also I’ll be going to the beach with my family friends.

Camp                                                                                                                                        I will be going to camp highroads for three weeks. Those three weeks are spreed out throughout the summer, and I also have another camp in between the weeks. The other camp is basically the same as camp highroads except that it isn’t outside.There is outdoor activities, a pool, and they teach you outdoor safety and survival skills. Last summer I went to camp Highroads and met new friends and I hope that there going to be there this summer. I think that camp highroads is my favorite camp I have ever been to.

The Beach                                                                                                                                Every year during August my family goes to the beach (Outer Banks) with either friends or family. This year we are going with friends to the beach. Last year when I went to the beach it was with my family. We plan a theme for each day we were at the beach. Monday was mustache day where we wore mustaches. Tuesday was tropical day where we had tropical fruits. Wednesday was cinco de augusto day where we celebrated my cousins birthday and wore sombreros. Thursday was leftovers day and Friday was shark day.

So that is basically what I am doing during summer and some memories on what I did last summer.

Camp highroads website

Question: What do you like to do during your summer?

Limerick Day

Yesterday it was national limerick day and in English everyone wrote limericks and shared them. It was fun and a lot of people in my class enjoyed it. I wrote about my friend Sabrina and she wrote a poem about me. Here is the poem I wrote about Sabrina.

There once was a girl named Sabrina

who had a friend named Nina

they loved to go shopping

and then they went hopping

over to the big blue arena

Sabrina’s blog

Week 4 Activity 5

I don't have a flag to fly on Memorial Day.                              The Backyardigans Birthday Cake                       Magic Kingdom - Happy 4th

American Flag                America’s Birthday         Fireworks on July 4th


Forth of July is my favorite holiday. For one it’s in summer and also there are beautiful fireworks. Every year on the 4th of July, America celebrates the birthday of the United States. On July 4th 1776 Thomas Jefferson, one of the main authors wrote the Declaration of Independence which made the United States free from Great Britain.

Steve Baker via Compfight

Jeff Krause via Compfight

Grace Tari via Compfight


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Where Is my Phone?

One Day I woke up and I couldn’t find my phone anywhere. Usually my phone is on the table charging every morning, but it wasn’t today. So I looked in my backpack and it wasn’t there. Then I looked in my room, it wasn’t there. Then I asked my mom if she seen my phone, she said she hasn’t, so then I looked all over the house. In the basement, in the family room. I even looked in the bathrooms. I couldn’t find my phone anywhere! I decided to call my phone from the house phone, so I called it and I heard that it was in the one place I would’ve never looked in. My phone was in….

Comment below to find out where my phone is!

What is Happening?

Penny looked up at the gray sky and wished it would rain something fun – like marshmallows – instead of cold, wet raindrops. Suddenly she felt a soft plop on top of her head. She looked up, and she couldn’t believe her eyes! It was raining gumdrops! Penny ran to tell her mom, but her mom wasn’t there, neither was her dad or brother. Penny went back outside and saw that it was raining something bigger and softer than the gumdrops.

Penny realized that her wish came true, but the weather kept changing. First it was raining gumdrops, than it was raining giant marshmallows. She ran inside for a minute to get out of the weather. Penny went back outside and noticed that it wasn’t raining marshmallows anymore, it was raining jellybeans. Penny realized that every time she went inside it would rain something different. So she kept running back and forth to see what it would be next. It went from jellybeans to oreos, than Dum Dums, next it was gummy bears. Than all of a sudden gummy worms started crawling out of the ground. Penny couldn’t believe her eyes!

Penny went inside again to see what would be next. When she got back outside all of the candy and sweets that she saw before were all raining at the same time. This time instead of going back inside Penny decided that she would enjoy what was happening. So she got her horse, and went exploring. Penny went over the mountain and saw a chocolate river, so she decided to go have fun and swim in the river. Once it got dark Penny went back home and went to bed. Than she woke up to the sound of her brother. Ben! Penny yelled as she ran to hug him. “I’ve missed you so much”. said Penny. “ I have only been sleeping”. said Ben. Then Penny knew that her adventure was just a dream.

One Little Word

My one little word, sparkle, is a very descriptive word and it stands for many things. I chose it because I know it’s unique. I like this word because it makes me happy whenever I’m angry. “Sparkle” has no negative meaning when you say it. This word reminds me to be jubilant instead of depressed or angry. I would use my word to describe the New Year’s crystal ball, and when the beach and ocean “sparkle” as the sunlight hits it. Also, New York City “sparkles” at night. My word describes many things. My word is fun, unique, exciting and brilliant. That is why I chose SPARKLE for my “Own Little Word”.

Slice of Life

A Slice of Life
By: Paige

It was the top of the 4th inning, and I was full of nervous excitement. ”Paige you’re the catcher,” Coach stated. I was so excited to be the catcher. I haven’t been a catcher since last spring!
‘’What if I mess up?’’ I asked. My stomach felt like there were flocks of butterflies in it. At least I wouldn’t be alone. My friend Campbell was the pitcher and my friend Rachel was the first baseman.
‘’Campbell are you ready?’’ inquired Coach. Campbell nodded slowly. Once Campbell was ready, the batter was up.
Campbell pitched the first strike, barely hesitating. It was fast, and the ball was a blur of motion. “Strike one!” the umpire hollered. Then the second: “Strike two!” Campbell pitched it again, and this time it was a ball. It was a foul count. She pitched the ball. Oops, I dropped it, and the runner ran to first.
‘’I have to throw it to first,’’ I thought. I got the ball and threw it to first base. The ball was spiraling in the air. The runner was sprinting as fast as she could, but that was evidently not fast enough. Before the runner had a chance to touch the base, Rachel caught the ball.
“She’s out,” the umpire yelled. I got the first out of the inning. I was so proud of myself. Everyone was cheering for me.
‘’Good job Paige!’’ my mom praised from the bleachers. I was the star of the game! Well, for a second.
The next batter was up. Campbell pitched the ball, “Strike one,’’ the umpire announced as I caught the ball. Campbell pitched it again, it was a ball. She pitched with another, powerful ‘’Strike two,” the umpire shouted across the field. It was a foul count again, and we were all nervous. Then again, strike three, the ball fell out of my glove.
The batter ran to first as I got the ball and threw it to Rachel, the first basemen. ‘’She’s out,’’ the umpire claimed. I got the second out. Everyone started screaming, I felt so happy!
The third out was done by Campbell. She pitched it, ‘’Strike one,’’ the umpire declared. She pitched it again, and ‘“Bam!,’’ the ball came to her fast like lightning. Then she threw it to first. That inning was over. We went back to the dugout, where all the coaches said good job to each of us. Now it was time for us to bat. We all thought, ‘’That was a short inning.’’ We got four runs, and the game ended. When the game was over, we all went home.
‘’That was the fourth game we won in the season,’’ My coach boasted. I learned that if you try hard and think positively you will get where you want to go.